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FAQ Top 5 Questions

1. So..what is the reason to have a Baby Boat Cradle?

  1. Here you can now provide this: a continuing source of comfort in an uncertain world. The special place to keep the most special things. Girls will experience connection to the spirit of the woman who navigated the Sea Cloud to record setting voyages from NY to San Francisco by way of the Horn. There are no bounds

  2. The special place to keep the most special things Boys will be connected to the spirit of men who pushed the limits of the known world in their time. There are no bounds.


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2. How and When?

  1. Simply call 888-252-5063 or fill out either from below ...Normally requires 6 working days to build YOUR cradle the RIGHT way

3. What Versions do you build?

  1. A - FULLY RIGGED : Full blocks and davits...rocker base....22kt Gold Incised Initial Plate....scale model for your mantle....custom mattress.. ....shelving kit .embedding your special element.. ....continuity support...45% discount on 10 foot rowing pram

  2. B - PROPERLY FITTED: rocker base...Incised Initial Plate/ painted....embedding your special element.....mattress......shelving and base

  3. C - BASIC: rocker base...Incised Initial Plate/painted

4. Size? 

  1. The standard size is 52"L x 26"W wooden boat clinker built ..Should you have a need for a smaller or larger size - no problem. Each Cradle is hand crafted. You can have you signed, numbered Baby Boat Cradle built to your dimensions

5. What does Emotional IQ have to do with all this?

  1. Sense of strength and serenity derived from your baby's having a special place to sleep and dream is hard to measure. But we feel such a place as the baby Boat Cradle is a critical component to building the strength to deal with whatever life is going to bring his or her way.- 

  2. Emotional IQ needs to be built as carefully as those skills that drive the standardized testing that marks 21st century education

  3. A child builds her intelligence on many levels. There are no guarantees in the global marketplace. 

  4. To build their imaginations, to have a reserve of cognitive, tactile strengths that can be drawn upon as needed- you need the strongest base imaginable.

  5. The Baby Boat Cradle is just a part, but a good part

When we built the first cradle for our grandchild, we felt good about it. As the child grew- we were pleasantly surprised to see how much the cradle meant to him. How he liked coming back to it. Using his newfound strength to "adjust" the lines of where he once lay helpless as a new kitten

Now we want you and yours to have the same experience at your fingertips

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